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Friday, 14 June 2013

Download Game WWE ’12 Free PC Full Version

Download Game WWE ’12 Free PC Full Version

Download Game WWE ’12 Free PC Full Version

Available as a free PC game, it is the first game of the series which is developed for the people who enjoy wrestling.  WWE '12 is now a professional and an amazing wrestling game which can be enjoyed like any other PC games. 

Being the first game in the WWE series, it is fourteenth one in the overall series. You can download PC games and enter the world of legends and superstars. This game is a sequel to WWE Smack Down vs. Raw 2011 and was soon followed by WWE '13.

You can download games and participate in wrestling matches which appear to be so real that they enhance the excitement of gaming.
Players can a title match whenever they want now and do not have to rely on pay per views. Storylines can be changed at will by the inclusion of divas and superstars alike and the enemies can be converted into allies. The universe and exhibition modes are enhanced as well. Shots from the weapons and finishing moves allow the players to brutally injure their opponents.

Game play:
Unlike the past game of the series, the grapple system has been entirely removed. The physical state of the character determines the different moves performed by him. The players can interrupt and attack as well as eliminate them in Royal Rumble. The pinning meter has been furthered as well and now it makes it more difficult for a wrestler to kick out. The same move cannot be repeated over and over again which shows a rise in the intelligence meter of the game has been addled with as well. However the finishing moves can be stored as well. The players who are about to lose are given an opportunity to combine moves to hit their opponents successfully. This new feature is known as Dynamic Comeback.

Cheat mode
By selecting My WWE at the main menu and selecting Options and then Cheat codes, you can enter the below mentioned codes to unlock the bonus which corresponds with that code.
“Oh Hell Yeah!” is used as a code to unlock the WWE Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship.
Upon completion of any given task, titles, attires, legends, divas, superstars and arenas can be unlocked.


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